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Good design is timeless and considered. Our objective was to make a better car seat cover across every measure. Our car seat cover design is so unique we have patented it.

A common problem with universal car seat covers is that fabric likes to move causing uncomfortable and messy bunching. Our car seat covers are lined with non-slip mesh and our unique anchoring cushion holds them firmly in place.

The seat back panel has exposed sides and is backless. It is secured in position by the head rest posts, freeing up the seat back storage. The adjustable rear strap can be adjusted to fit any bucket car seat. 

Most modern cars seats incorporate a side airbag which is deployed in the event of an accident. Traditional car seat covers are not recommended by car manufacturers as they can obstruct the airbags operation. We designed the side panels to sit below the airbags so they do not impede their operation. 

By using woven cotton blend fabrics, our car seat covers can literally breathe. Expelling heat from your cars seats in summer and providing an extra layer of warmth in winter. 

Our car seat covers are designed and made to last the lifetime of your vehicle.






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