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Founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to reimagine the humble car seat cover.

Every idea starts with a problem. It was after noticing that the base of our leather car seats were showing signs of wear, we decided to purchase a set of car seat covers to protect them. What soon became apparent was that car seat cover design hadn't changed much since the 1980's. You wouldn't buy a fluroesent pink Zebra print for your home... so why would you want it in your car? We couldn't see the point in having leather seats covered in stretchy, scratchy synthetic fabrics which seemed to be the only option for a universal fit car seat cover. 

We decided to develop our own using upholstery grade woven fabrics, on-trend prints with a high quality finish. A car seat cover that doesn't bunch up and slide around or obstruct deployment of side seat airbags. 

After twelve months of development working with local manufacturers we were able to completely re-imagine the humbly neglected car seat cover. 

We are proudly Australian made, flag bearers of the spirit of Australian innovation. The simplicity of our patented car seat cover redefines the way the interior of your vehicle should feel and look. We believe your car should be as comfortable as your home with quality materials made to last the lifetime of your vehicle.





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